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Full text of "The Courts Of Europe V-Ii"

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COURTS    OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC.                235

I find M. de Maulde spoke well of me at the
Directory, and said I was above soliciting my
return, and have so many resources within myself
that I can never be ennuye.

The Emperor's peace is signed. Portugal has
made a separate one, so we are left alone.

I will now read over and answer some of
your questions. I wish the hedge continued as
near the house as possible, to seclude our walk
and gardens from intruders. Has the yew taken,
that was planted over the wall ? The whins1 here
are very hard to rear, though I do not think the
birch-trees2 overshadow them at all. There is a
species of bloody whin8 that is likely to spoil the
whole plantation. In this season it is very much
heated, and those that have thorns4 will overpower
the rest; if so, the whole nursery will fail, and
all be rooted out.

The Revolution has swept away the literati
and the monuments. I have been to Moret, but
do not know any means of giving information
concerning kings and kings' children.5

i Republic.
a Royalists.

3  Jacobin,

4  Troops.

5  A negress, daughter of Louis XIV. and his Queen,
was shut up at Moret.